Our Mission

To ensure that every consumer and business has the records they need to reconstruct their lives after a disaster.


About Us

Disasters happen all the time and too many consumers have taken little or no steps to reconstruct life after a disaster.  We’ve seen it play out disaster after disaster across the country- The losses, heartbreak and struggle to recover. It’s estimated that only 31% of Americans have backed up important records and stored them in a safe place and a 26% have inventoried assets and possessions for insurance claim purposes.  Those numbers are far too low for us and we want to change them.

Our goal at RecordLyf is to make it easy for everyone to be prepared for and recover from disasters of all types before they happen. We want to help consumers and businesses plan ahead so that rebuilding can take place sooner.

We’ve designed our personal disaster recovery planning tool based on FEMA’s “Protecting Your Valuables” checklist and giving everyone that wants one a free starter vault with 100 MB of secure storage.  It’s the perfect place to safeguard your vital personal information and records from damage or loss. Things like insurance policies, medical and vaccination records, business records, computer backups, phone numbers, credit cards contacts, photos of house contents, wills, passports, etc.

You may have little or no time to protect your physical possessions and collect critical information in the event of a hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, or other disaster. Why not get started today!


Your Data Your Privacy

Our personal disaster recovery digital vault is different than others you’ve used before. Data Security is our DNA and our #1 focus. Every file that is placed our digital vault is protected by 8 security patents and unique encryption methods. Only the account owner has the key to open files or even see what is placed in their digital vault. No one else has access to the information in your digital vault unless you share access with them.

We respect your privacy. Our infrastructure, patents and Total Information Privacy & Protection ensures that ONLY you can see and access the documents in your data vault. Also, in our platform DELETE means DELETE when it comes to your personal digital vault. When you delete a file, folder, document or close your account, all copies of information in all locations are permanently deleted by our secure shredder document deletion process.